***Please note that all sizes are subject to availability***

Rangeelaa's Saree Skirts are One Size fits all type, reversible and pretty versatile in terms of how you can wear them, but here is the guide which helps you finding the right fit! If you have any questions please feel free to reach me at  satya@rangeelaa.com

 At the moment we are presenting three lengths, all dimensions are approx:

1.  Ankle length skirts:

Waist: End to End 48 inches

Length: 36 inch

2.  Calf Length Skirts:

Waist: End to End 48 inches

Length: 34 inch

3. Knee Length Skirts:

Waist :  End to end 48 inch

Length:  27 inch

4.  Mini length Skirts:

Waist:  End to End 48 inch

Length: 19 inch

5. XL  Ankle length :

Waist:  End to End 58 inch

Length: 36  inch

6. XL Knee length:

Waist: End to End 58 inch

Length: 27 inch

7. Malika (Approximately Goddess Size): 

Waist:  End to End 70 inch

Length: 40 inch

When you are buying a VinSa skirt you are not only buying some thing unique, special and authentic.. but are also supporting women in India!

All of the Rangeelaa’s items are  made by women or made in small scale industries which are owned by women! Rangeelaa strongly supports Women Empowerment! 

Support Rangeelaa and Support Women Empowerment!!