Rangeelaa's VinSa Saree  skirts are passionately recycled from  beautiful sarees which are carefully sourced and meticulously chosen. Behind every VinSa skirt there is a woman in India who thoughtfully brings two layers together and turns lovely sarees into gorgeous skirts! Every layer is chosen from a random saree which makes every skirt special and unique!  You cannot find a similar skirt anywhere on the planet, I can assure you that! :) (Well there can be occasional skirt sisters or Skirts Twins!)
VinSa Saree wrap skirts collection comes in four varieties, Diva, Sthri, Nari and Malika! I know you might be wondering what  are these Diva, Sthri, Nari and Malika ..right? :)
So, this is how I classify my skirts!



Made of premium quality saree fabrics, these skirts are soft, comfortable and amazingly elegant, great as party wear, to wear on your special days or to just feel special on an ordinary day 🙂!!  Divas are basically special occasion sarees! Some times pure fabrics with traditional prints. You might find little faults here and there, these are inevitable since these are recycled skirts.
These are some Divas that I sold so far..

2.Diva Festive

Diva Festive is our newest Collection! These  Beautiful Saree Wrap Skirts are a  part of our Diva-The Queen Collection, but a little more special and we call it Diva (Festive)! It can be traditional prints and/or pure fabrics, these delightful Diva Upgrades are charming, magnificent and delightful and sure to win your heart!

3. Sthri:

Sthri means Woman in Hindi/Sanskrit. These Skirts  are recycled from  medium range sarees, which I believe women wore while they are going out for work or other purposes. These are low maintenance but very durable. These can be blended silks, chiffons or georgettes. I also add skirts which could have been Divas but had little flaws like loose threads, tiny holes (that I mended), mill stamps etc to my Sthri collection. 
Our Sthri skirts are made of beautiful sarees with stunning prints which are sure to make you smile. Very comfy and gorgeous!
These are few example of the Sthri skirts that I sold from my first shipment...

4. Nari:

Nari also means woman in Hindi/Sanskrit. Our Nari skirts are for those who want to look colorful, beautiful on budget. Comfy fabrics and lovely prints! These I believe are regular sarees or in-house sarees or standard sarees which women wear daily. These are durable fabrics too as we choose some thing which needs absolutely no or low maintenance and wash well to wear daily. 
Here are some examples of my Nari skirts...

5. Malika  ( Approximately equivalent to Goddess Size):

While all of the above (Diva Festive, Diva, Sthri, Nari are graded according to the quality, type, condition of the fabric), Malika is created according to the size. Our Malikas come with 75-80 inch waist, 41-42 inch length. Malika is approximately equivalent to the Goddess Size.

When you are buying a VinSa skirt you are not only buying some thing unique, special and authentic.. you are also supporting women in India! All our Saree wrap skirts are hand made of recycled Saree fabrics, so you might find little imperfections which are considered as characteristics of an authentic Handmade Recycled item.
All of the Rangeelaa’s items are  made by women or made in small scale industries which are ownerd by women! Rangeelaa strongly supports Women Empowerment! 
Support Rangeelaa and Support Women Empowerment!!