Every village in Rajasthan,India boasts of its own traditional handmade items. One such ethnic place is Sanganer. It is situated 16 KM  south of Jaipur and famous for textile printing and handmade paper industry.

Textile printing is basically making defined patterns or designs on a fabric. Wooden blocks, stencils, rollers, etched plates etc..., can be used to print the designs to fabrics. Colorants used are thickened in the dyeing industry carefully to avoid spreading of the color out of the design or pattern. 

 The Sanganeri block prints are said to be 500 years old. This town was the center for block printing techniques. They gained popularity probably during 16th to 17th century and became the major export for English East India Company.

Initially Sanganeri block printing was used on the fabric for the royal families and merchants. But later on, they started to produce it commercially. Block printing are used in Sarees, blankets, curtains, bed covers, scarf, salwar – kameez etc...,

White, lighter shades of yellow, blue and green were used as background and the motifs were made with darker colors like red, black etc. However, as the modern textile industry evolved more color shades are introduced and complicated designs are being printed as motifs. ​ A wide range of motifs can be seen. - A small bud, traditional mango, floral and god designs. Minute curves and the detailed pattern are the specialties of Sanganeri block printing.