Our story


I am Satya Santhi, with my roots from Srikalahasti - a picturesque town in South India, founded 'Rangeelaa' with a passion to introduce authentic ethnic Home Decor soft furnishings and Women's clothing to the Western world.

Rangeelaa's collection have their own story to tell. I learnt management, procurement, value for money from the vast experiences that life had to teach since my childhood. Being raised by my parents whose value systems I adore and respect, nurtured my skill sets be it in having an eye for detail or creating magic out of nothing. My mother who was very fond of adorning the house used to find innovative ways to achieve it despite the limited monies. She would convert her old vibrant sarees into window curtains and make cushion covers for the sofa by the leftover pieces that she procured from the nearby tailor. It used to be a bliss to watch her mother transform the house into a colourful paradise. Compliments overflowed by the visitors who were amazed with her gifted trait of making something out of nothing.

With these observations, experiences from my humble beginnings, I  imbibed the qualities of perfection, eye for detail and  passion for Home decor and vibrant clothing, which now has beautifully translated in the form of Rangeelaa which caters to the aspirants who love to brighten up themselves and their homes with its range products from the culture and colour rich India. I am  working round the clock, leaving no stones unturned to procure inventory that is unique, beautiful yet cost effective without compromising on the quality.

                                   Thanks for  supporting Rangeelaa!