1. What is Rangeelaa? Where is it located?

Rangeelaa is a home based online store run by a female entreprenuer Satya Muktinutalapati, based in Saskatoon, SK, Canada

2. What does Rangeelaa sell?

Rangeelaa sells ethically sourced, fair trade Women's Clothing and Home Decor Soft Furnishings. Our best sellers are Saree Wrap Skirts.

3. What are the types of Saree skirts Rangeelaa sells?

Rangeelaa offers two product lines for our skirts: Original and Mytri (pronounced as My-Three) . All skirts are made from ethically sourced recycled sarees. Rangeelaa Original skirts are made by our female artisans in Rajasthan, situated in North India. Our Mytri skirts are made by our female artisans in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, situated in Southern India.

4. Are all your skirts are always available?

No, they are not. Our skirts are NOT made in factories, but are made upon order by women in India from the comfort of their homes, we might not  be able to get consistent, continuous supply of our skirt shipments, especially during these uncertain Covid times. We will upload them onto my website as and when they arrive. Please join my Facebook group to stay updated regarding my shipments:


5. How do you grade your skirts?

Unlike any other sellers out there, We grade our skirts according to the fabric, condition of the skirts. Our pricing depends on the grade of the skirts. 

Our Mytri skirts come in Three grades:

Mytri Festive, Mytri Special and Mytri Simple (Please read about Mytri Skirts grading here: https://www.rangeelaa.com/pages/our-saree-skirt-collections)

Our Rangeelaa Skirts come in Four grades:

Diva Festive, Diva, Sthri and Nari (Please read about our Rangeelaa Skirts grading here: https://www.rangeelaa.com/pages/our-saree-skirt-collections)

6. What are your Mytri Skirts prices: 

My Mytri pricing is as follows: 

***Please note that these are introductory prices, they might change/increase as and when we feel it is necessary.

  • Mytri Festive Regular Ankle/Calf -64.99 CAD 
  • Mytri Special Regular Ankle/Calf- 59.99 CAD
  • Mytri Simple Regular Ankle/Calf- 55.99 CAD
  • Mytri Festive XL Ankle/Calf: 69.99 CAD
  • Mytri Special XL Ankle/Calf: 63.99 CAD
  • Mytri Simple XL Ankle/Calf: 59.99 CAD 
  • Mytri Festive Knee Length or a little shorter: 59.99 CAD
  • Mytri Special Knee Length or a little shorter: 54.99 CAD
  • Mytri Simple Knee Length or a little shorter: 49.99 CAD

7. What are your Rangeelaa Original Skirt prices?

My Rangeelaa Original Skirt pricing will be announced after they arrive. 

8. What are your sizes: 

Please read our size guide here: https://www.rangeelaa.com/pages/size-guide

**Please note that this is for reference only and the sizes that are available change from time to time, please check our collection pages to know which sizes are available at present. 

9. How do you do shipping?

 ****Please note that we ship during the weekends only****

This is how our shipping process works: 

I will be uploading new items (depending on the stock availability) every Tuesday morning at  11 am EST onto my website. All the updates and previews of my sales will be posted in my Facebookgroup: 


While shopping: 

You will have Three Minutes to hold your items in your cart, You can order all the items you want at once  and paying shipping during the checkout


You can keep shopping until Thursday and pay shipping by Thursday night 12 EST by  buying the 'products 'listed in the links below, depending on where you live, depending on the number of items you buy: 

USA: https://www.rangeelaa.com/collections/shipping-charges-usa

Canada: https://www.rangeelaa.com/collections/shipping-charges-canada


Approximate Shipping times given Canadapost: 

Canadian Orders: 

  • Expedited Shipping: 3 to 5 Business days
  • Express Shipping : 2 to 3 business days
  • Priority Shipping : 1 to 3 business days

USA Orders: 

  • Tracked Packet : 9 business days
  • Expedited Parcel : 7 business days
  • Express shipping : 5 business days

10. What are Mantra points? How do they work?

Mantra points are our loyalty program points. When you make a purchase signing into my website, you will accumulate points depending on the amount you spent. These points can be redeemed when you are making future purchases.