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With my Gorgeous Mom

About Me.....


I am Satya, founder of  my sunshiny Bohemian Store-Rangelaa, I live in Saskatoon, Canada.

I pride myself on having emerged as a self started, passionate entrepreneur from Srikalahasti, a picturesque, temple town in South India, known for its cultural and traditional vibrancy. Rangeelaa is my brainchild, fuelled by an earnest desire to introduce gorgeous unique, one of a kind wrap skirts upcyled from preloved sarees to you all.

Rangeelaa’s skirts are synonymous with quality and labour of love, each having their own story. Vast experiences during the course of my life from childhood, taught me valuable lessons on management, procurement and value for money. I adore and respect my parents’ exceptional parenting and value systems that have constantly nurtured my skill sets, be it in having an eye for detail or even creating magic out of nothing. I watched my mother, who is very fond of adorning the house, as she used her creativity to innovate ways to produce beautiful home decor, despite the limited monies. Her ideas often left us spellbound as she went about transforming our home into a colourful paradise, converting her old, vibrant sarees into window curtains or even  make cushion covers for the sofa from leftover fabrics, procured from the seamstress, nearby. She was showered with compliments by visitors to our home, who were bowled over by her gifted trait of incredible creativity, making beautiful things out of nothing. I could go on penning the nostalgic and blissful times of my childhood. 

My constant observation and experiences from my humble beginnings imbibed the qualities of perfection and eye for detail in me. This passion for beautiful sarees catapulted my vision for Rangeelaa into a reality, that is dedicated to bringing infront you the best quality, most vibrant wrap skirts upcyled from preloved sarees. I teamed up with my childhood friend Santhi and started production of these beautiful wrap skirts at the place where I come from, a South Indian city-Tirupati. We employed few talented seamstresses who is doing this magic. We are able to help several families as part of this beatiful endeavour. 

So, this is Satya for you, working round the clock and leaving  no stone unturned, when procuring  my inventory that is truly unique, beautiful, yet cost effective and spells quality in every aspect.

Thanks for your continued support! Happy Shopping!


Here are some beautiful pics of my roots!

My home town....

One of the most beautiful little towns in Southern India, the place I come from- Srikalahasti. With an ancient temple which has been built around 5th Century on the banks of the river Swarna Mukhi as the centre of attraction..this small town has always inspired me to admire the rich cultural heritage of India!

     My handsome assistant, companion and stress buster in his 'Dog in the Bag' look!!:)