****Please note that we ship during weekends only****

This is how our shipping process works: 

I will be uploading new items (depending on the stock availability) every Tuesday morning at  11 am EST onto my website. All the updates and previews of my sales will be posted in my Facebook group: 


While shopping: 

You can order all the items you want at once and paying shipping during the checkout, your orders will be shipped on that Saturday


You can keep shopping until Thursday and pay shipping by Thursday night 12 EST by  buying the 'products 'listed in the links below, depending on where you live, depending on the number of items you buy: 

USA: https://www.rangeelaa.com/collections/shipping-charges-usa

Canada: https://www.rangeelaa.com/collections/shipping-charges-canada

Note: Your items CANNOT be shipped until you pay shipping.

Approximate Shipping times given Canada post: 

Canadian Orders: 

  • Expedited Shipping: 3 to 5 Business days
  • Express Shipping : 2 to 3 business days
  • Priority Shipping : 1 to 3 business days

USA Orders: 

  • Tracked Packet : 9 business days
  • Expedited Parcel : 7 business days
  • Express shipping : 5 business days