Welcome to Rangeelaa, the Canadian fairtrade saree wrap skirt company!

We are different ..let me explain you how :)

The skirts that we sell are absolutely ethically sourced and fair trade. All our skirts are made in the beautiful South Indian city-Tirupati. 

They are handcrafted by our skillful artisan ladies Reshma and Ratna. The entire sourcing, production, and shipping process is being handled by my childhood friend Melachuri Santhi. Our artisans are  our family. They work in the comfort of their own homes. We provide them top-notch sewing machines. We make sure they are paid what they deserve and we give them continued support


We source our sarees from the local families who collect them going door to door, we occasionally collect from our friends and relatives too. This kind of sourcing brings in the most diverse sarees that you can ever see. In order to provide our artisan ladies a comfortable, safe work place, we are renting a nice apartment where they store, pair, distribute the sarees and keep the skirts (after they have been stitched) until the shipping date.

Our artisan ladies have their own QC days on which they bring in their skirts and check each and every skirt for faults and repair them right away wherever possible. From sourcing to packing these fabrics are being checked in every step to make sure you get the best quality skirts😊.


After they arrive in Canada I do one more detailed quality check and grade them according to the fabric condition and quality. Mytri Festive is what I call the premium, top quality skirts, Mytri Special skirts are the mid-range and Mytri Simple are the basic skirts. But please remember even the best quality skirts might have little imperfections (nothing breaks your heart..I promise) and no skirt that I sell is 'perfect'. All my skirts are upcycled from reclaimed saree fabrics.

Since our's is a small team we get a limited number of skirts every time we get a shipment...but I promise you.. those can be some of the most beautiful skirts that you have ever seen. If you have not yet, Please join our Facebook group where I post updates about production process  and shipments almost everyday: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rangeelaasariwrapskirts

We are a little different when it comes to shipping too, You can choose 'pay shipping later' while buying skirts if checking out multiple times. When you are ready to pay shipping you can buy virtual shipping 'products' (counting the number of skirts you bought) by Thursday midnight 12EST. We enabled this option so that you can save in shipping . Please remember we only ship during the weekends.

We are a small company with big ambitions, which allows us to provide a very personal touch to your shopping experience as you get to know some of the women's stories and see their faces. Your support is helping us achieve the dream of respect, fair pay, and good treatment of female workers in India.

 Thanks so much for your continued support!