Ethical Sourcing,  Fair Trade,  Women Empowerment are our core values!

Rangeelaa is all about fair trade, ethical sourcing, and women empowerment. We only sell products that are made by women or made in small scale industries that are owned by women.

Our best sellers are wrap skirts and other garments that are upcycled from preloved sarees. We make sure that all the sarees our artisans are working with are ethically sourced. We also make sure that artisans are working in good conditions. That means well ventilated areas, with no extended hours and where they are treated with care and respect.

We currently have two teams of women working for us. The first team that makes our usual trusted quality Rangeelaa skirts live in the beautiful state of Rajasthan. They work from the comfort of their own homes. We make sure that their work is duly appreciated and is fairly compensated. Working from home reduces their costs, eliminates travel, and allows them to take care of other responsibilities. Our artisans can create these masterpieces without having to worry about juggling work and other responsibilities in their lives.



Our Mytri collection, yet another proud presentation from Rangeelaa is being made by our team from the beautiful town in Southern India-Tirupati. This stunning collection is aptly named “Mytri '' which means “Friendship.” The sarees being upcycled for Mytri are being sourced from friends, friends of friends, relatives, or other lovely ladies from places in and around my native place. Every recycled saree -- some may be fairly new while others may be decades old -- have all gone through much love in their lives, and which is now being passed onto you. Since these sarees are mainly sourced from South India, you might find these very different from what you have seen and bought in the past. Mytri skirts are light, airy, gauzy and gorgeous! These beauties are revamped by my seamstresses who are working tirelessly to produce our fabulous skirts. Our Mytri team are also women who work from the comfort of their own homes, and at a state run centre Mepma (Mission for Eradication of Poverty in Municipal Areas) in Tirupati. We provide sewing machines and tools to our Mytri team and help them attain more independence and empowerment. The atmosphere of our working environment is one of comraderie, friendship and motivational ambiance. 



We are a small company with big ambitions, which allows us to provide a very personal touch to your shopping experience as you get to know some of the women's stories and see their faces. Your support is helping us achieve the dream of respect, fair pay, and good treatment of female workers in India.

Whether it’s our usual skirts with trusted Rangeelaa quality, or our Mytri skirts that are different and unique... there is one thing in common... all our products are ethically sourced and fairly traded.

Thanks so much for your continued support!