The sarees used to make Rangeelaa products are pre-loved. They've been worn, sometimes a lot, before we buy them to keep them away from the landfills. Used fabrics means there can be flaws or imperfections.

Rangeelaa has a very thorough quality control at several levels. Sarees are checked when being sourced. The skirts go through quality control in India and then again when they get to Canada. The skirts may be 'imperfect' with partial decorations like beading and sequins and embroidery. A lot of these decorations are done by hand and sometimes the saree owner may complete it in a way that is different from North American expectations. For example, embroidery may only be in small areas, not over the whole saree. Additionally, sometimes these decorations are damaged from wear, beads may be missing or there may be loose threads. We at Rangeelaa believe that these make the skirts more special, not less because they add to the story behind them.

While we strive for perfection, we also don't waste beautiful pieces because of some minor flaws. Differences are what make people unique and special and the same goes for our wearable art.

We have three rankings of skirts: Festive (marked as MF in preview pictures) - These are top quality, no noticeable flaws and the best fabrics.

Special - These are also beautiful quality fabrics. Some may have small repairs. Usually these are things you have to look hard to find. These skirts are reduced by $10 in price from the Festive ones because of this reason.

Simple - These are our simple skirts. They are still beautiful and special and lovely fabrics, but may have s more noticeable flaws. These are reduced further in price than both previous categories.

Regardless of which category a skirt falls in, all have been through our rigorous quality control. For them to be listed on the website in any of these categories, means that they have met our high expectations. We consider imperfect decorations, small repairs or the occasional stain to be acceptable. It is possible that we may miss things in our quality control but they would have to be pretty small to get by us.

Stains: Please remember that Indian food is very rich in colour. This means food stains may not be identifiable as such to our customers. Most stains can be removed or lightened with a good quality stain remover. Just remember not to use heat in the water or to dry until the stain is fully removed or you could lock it into the fabric.

We work very hard to bring you only the best of the best. However, we are only human so mistakes may happen. If you receive an item that you believe is not up to our standards, please reach out to us with pictures. We may suggest some things you can do to improve the product. If you are still unsatisfied, returns will be considered on an individual basis as per the return policy on the website.

In the end, we want everyone to be happy. Our artisans have great pride in their work. We want our customers to feel the same pride and joy when wearing our skirts. We also want to help keep Mother Earth happy by reducing the waste sent to landfills.

                                                Thank you for supporting Rangeelaa!