Rangeelaa’s Saree skirts are passionately recycled from beautiful sarees which are carefully sourced and meticulously chosen. Behind our every saree skirt there is a woman in India who thoughtfully brings two layers together and turns lovely sarees into gorgeous skirts, which make our saree skirts unique and special. You cannot find a similar skirt anywhere on the planet, I can assure you that! :) (Well there can be occasional skirt sisters or Skirt twins!)

Mytri Collection: 

Our Mytri collection spells friendship and presents a fabulous collection of skirts with sarees that are typically sourced from South Indian states. Our Mytri collection of Saree Wrap skirts exude an elegance and opulence, which means they are as special as they are beautiful since these skirt fabrics are made out of the love shared by friendships and the sarees sourced are vivid examples of what we were and what we continue to be as friends!
We have curated two fabulous collections 1. Mytri Festive 2. Mytri Special 3. Mytri Simple with the skirt layers being paired by our creative and hardworking seamstresses and are meant to grace every sphere of your life, from workwear to occasions where you could use that special touch of glimmer, color and gold! Pick your style! Its easy!

Mytri Festive: 

Mytri festive Saree Wrap skirts are our premium skirts that are highly colorful and attractive to look at, with a lot of variety in terms of fabric, designs and style. The best flavor of these skirts come from the fact that they were lovingly preowned by women who may have picked them up as per their individual color and style preferences, therefore will tantalize you by being one of a kind.  These saree skirts with delicate weaves are rich enough to look resplendent with sophisticated but subtle accessory additions like a string of pearls which can also set off the color of the fabric in an extremely chic manner.

Mytri Special: 

The Mytri Special collection is our mid range collection that introduces  you the exclusive Saree Wrap skirts that tend to incorporate a kaleidoscope of colors, making the skirts incredibly visually striking but with plainer designs with single colors or multi-colored prints and small embellishments. Explore our breezy and feminine collection and choose the ones that best compliment you to give a neat and chic look!

Mytri Simple: 

Mytri Simples are the basic skirt collection that is hand crafted with subtle layers that grabs attention for its play of colour and fabric that redefine casual beauty. Our diverse collection of Saree Wrap skirts has something for every weather and makes people go all googly eyes with their tantalizing prints and delicate play of colours, sure to make you look like charm personified! Glam yourselves with these simple yet elegant skirts as is or go for a contemporary spin with scarves and jackets to complement the woman in you!

These are two types of our Saree Skirts collection:  1. Rangeelaa Original and 2. Mytri (pronounced as My-Three)

Rangeelaa Original skirts Collection: 

Our Rangeelaa Original collection is being made by our female artisans from the beautiful North Indian state- Rajasthan.
This collection comes in five varieties- Diva Festive, Diva, Sthri, Nari and Malika.

1. Diva

Diva is our range of extra premium saree wrap skirts that comprises our Queen collection that incorporate pure or hybrids of premium fabrics layers thus combining the attributes for making the skirts more comfortable, convenient and extend a chic look. They exude grace, elegance and class, attributes that befit a Queen while being colorful and ornate to be donned at special occasions

2. Diva Festive

Diva Festive is our premium range of saree wrap skirts that make up our Diva-Queen collection a tad fancier with a distinctive sheen, lustrous look, graceful fall and offers a selection of exotic fabrics with traditional prints and embellishments that bring a trendy, bold & glittering look in subtle shades or can even exude confidence in fiery shades at parties, evening galas or cocktail nights, the reason why it is enjoying a surge in popularity of late.

3. Sthri:

Sthri, meaning 'woman' is our  mid range that caters to the elegant and unique woman, on one hand being passionate and exuberant or on the other being calm and composed with fiery hot and icy cool tones to help reflect your moods and flaunt your energy. The color scheme adopted in making these stunners include a gamut of fabric layers including georgettes, chiffons and crepes infused with streaks of bright or metallic or pastel hues and mystical patterns that are sure to allow the colors do the talking while you succumb to the myriad textures! Divas with some flaws may be tagged as Sthris at times.

4. Nari:

Nari also translates to ‘woman’. This collection flaunts unique fabrics and patterns that suit bold women on a budget. This affordable range of skirts are soft and comfortable, can be used as daily wear that need little or no maintenance. These fabrics are usually lightweight and are extremely versatile and can be used in any season.

5. Malika  ( Approximately equivalent to Goddess Size):

While all of the above (Diva Festive, Diva, Sthri, Nari are graded according to the quality, type, condition of the fabric), Malika is created according to the size. Our Malikas come with 75-80 inch waist, 41-42 inch length. Malika is approximately equivalent to the Goddess Size.


Rangeelaa is supporting small groups of female artisans in India by offering them the requisite backing and encouragement. These women are the very heartbeat and pulse of Rangeela, as they stretch themselves to their full potential and beyond to bring you these special and unique handmade creations of recycled fabrics that are ethically sourced and indulge in fair trade only.

You might find little imperfections that are considered as characteristics of an authentic handmade recycled item.

Rangeelaa’s passionate mission is to create an ethnic aura in each of our patrons by bringing unique skirts into their wardrobes as they ride on their limitless journey and make each woman look her best!

 Thank you very much for supporting Rangeelaa! Namasthe!

When you are buying a our Saree skirt you are not only buying some thing unique, special and authentic but you are also supporting Rangeelaa’s endeavour to help the downtrodden and hapless women in India to be self reliant! All our Saree wrap skirts are hand made out of recycled Saree fabrics, so you might find little imperfections which are considered as characteristics of an authentic Handmade Recycled item. 

All of the Rangeelaa’s items are made by women or made in small scale industries which are owned by women! Rangeelaa strongly supports Women Empowerment!  
Support Rangeelaa and Support Women Empowerment!!