Mytri (pronounced as My-three)  .. spreading Saree love across the continents!

Upcycling sarees and transforming them into pretty wearables, thereby spreading love across the continents is the new haute aspiration that I am in the process of presenting – The new Mytri Collection from Rangeelaa. In the primary pursuit of sustainability and employability, my vision has become a tangible reality  that would spread the love of the Saree across borders and the cheer of international sisterhood!

Mytri is synonymous with friendship and the sarees from which Mytri skirts are upcyled are being sourced from my friends, friends of friends, relatives and also from the ladies who collect sarees from door to door. These sarees could be fairly recent or even a few decades old, that are being revamped by my seamstresses who are working around the clock, to produce the fabulous skirts that are presented as Mytri collection is ushered into Rangeelaa.

The very fabric of being independent women interwoven with grit, generosity and the need to spread love spells Mytri. These women are riding the upcycling wave and working on a diverse range of saree fabrics and coming up with a fresh spin to the saree skirts. The process of accumulation of sarees is a painful one but will be definitely well worth the effort. The process of matching layers will not only be an exciting one considering the versatile sarees that are pouring in but need a concentrated effort in terms of fast colors, prints, embellishments and the embroidery on the sarees.

Fueled by my enthusiasm, a lot of my dear mytris (friends) are enjoying seeing their sarees being transformed and embraced by women across the world and are quite thrilled with the notion. Just to think of a saree that was fondly adorned and cherished by a homemaker in India will find its way to be a part of the wardrobe of a teacher in Texas! The feeling is comfortingly symbiotic as the owners of the skirts will realize the story behind their purchase and person who originally owned the saree feels exhilarated that their once loved saree, has a new proud owner! In the bargain, the seamstresses feel proud as the other side of the world will wear and feel their creative ensemble and last but not the least, me, Satya will feel accomplished!

The Mytri collection is all about spreading love, friendship and uplifting lives of the less fortunate women and bringing some light into their otherwise dark homes. Hoping that each gorgeous skirt from this delightfully different and unique collection will be a precious addition to someone’s lucky closet.

Thank you very much for supporting me in my endeavour!